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11-Month Warranty Inspections

If you or your client purchased a new construction home within the last year, we strongly suggest having the home inspected before the one-year warranty expires.  We can identify things that may have been overlooked during construction.  Small mistakes can lead to problems - and in some cases - large problems.

The time to identify these items is prior to the expiration of your one-year warranty. 

We refer to these as 11-month inspections.  These inspections are particularly effective because the homeowner has lived in the home for nearly one full year - and may have already identified some concerns.  Using this information, combined with our observations and findings, our clients' can be confident when they present our finished report to their builder so that all remaining concerns can be appropriately addressed.


These inspections can help save a home buyer money.  They are not intended to criticize builders.  Rather, the purpose is to help both the buyer and the general contracting company feel confident that the best product has been delivered.

See below for samples found at actual 11-month inspections.

Recent findings from 11-month inspections


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