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Customer Reviews

Click the following links to see some of our reviews.  Some e-mailed reviews are also posted below:

Google Review - Suburban Home Inspections

Previous Google Reviews (now called "Nice Local")

Ivar S.

Tim did an incredible, thorough inspection of the home we are
planning to purchase. Many details were found that we had no idea
might exist. We are happy to recommend his service to anyone.

Grace M.

Tim is such a great home inspector! He has a great personality, is humble, and does his work with such integrity and respect. My experience has been great working with him. He is detailed in his work and is a great person to work with! Thank you Tim!

Megan B.

We've used Tim for all of our home inspections when buying and purchasing homes. He's always on time, he gets us on his schedule quickly, and his reports are incredibly thorough. I highly recommend using Suburban Home Inspections!

Hi Tim,

First, my father, the home inspector veteran and former ASHI national president said you did an absolutely amazing job with this inspection, which is not praise he delivers lightly. That said, I feel pretty comfortable hiring you for every inspection we ever do and will recommend you highly to others. Thank you for that. He left a message for you, in fact, because he wanted a chance to talk shop with someone who knows his business as well as you. However, feel free to not call him back because we are passing on this house. The quality of the inspection you did combined with the feedback and subsequent analysis by contractors and others are leading us away. Which is fine, although disappointing. 

Thank you so much for the quality of work you did and helping save us from, as my father put it, an attractive pig, but a pig nonetheless.

We will be looking at houses again in August and will definitely be turning to you for the inspection then as well.


Merry Christmas from a senior lady who purchased your services when I bought my townhome. Best investment for me as everything needed service... your info has been most easy to follow. I'd recommend you at any time. Keep me on your mailing list.

Audrey Furman

Thank you Tim for your diligent and thorough inspection report, and correspondence. I set out to find the best inspection for my home purchase and received sample reports to evaluate the documentation provided by multiple different inspectors. You exceeded my expectations for a quality inspection, and professionalism. The report you provided was more than a simple check box form that many other inspectors provide and included many pictures, comments, and notes on both general and specific items of interest. That completeness in reporting gave me the confidence to move forward with my purchase.


Beyond the typical areas in the inspection report you also provided helpful tips, specific to the upkeep and maintenance of MY home. You took the time to point out features such as water/gas shut-off valves, and other notable items fundamental to the home. You provided your obvious extensive expertise when I had any questions throughout the process and invited me to contact you well after the inspection if I had any further questions.

The service you provide is worth ANY price, and I found your fees to be a bargain compared to the services from other inspectors. I have since signed up to receive correspondence from you via your blog, which offers helpful reminders about home maintenance. You care about your clients, and it shows.

Thanks again Tim.


Oliver Turan


Tim -
Your inspection was outstanding - you are truly talented!  We have sold and purchased 4 homes and a cabin and your services were far superior!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Kurn


Tim - thanks a lot. If you ever need a reference have them call me. This was the best report I have ever seen for this type of work.  Needless to say I have told the realtor to withdraw the offer until I get some estimates on some of the work needed. I was anticipating the roof job and the electrical but the furnace, chimney work, flashing, etc. is more that I will take on at the price we offered. I am going to get some estimates on the major repairs and maybe go back at a lower number.

Mike S.


Tim, thanks for the update.  Jacqui and I were thrilled to meet you last night and were very satisfied with your knowledge and
professionalism.  From what we saw last night my greatest concern is with the foundation.  We were planning to eventually (2-5 years) add an additional bedroom on the second level, above the older part of the house, as well as finish the screened porch area to increase the overall living area of the home.  However, if both of these parts of the house do not have a foundation wall under the slab we find this very worrisome.  Perhaps you could make some comments in your report about the thickness of the slab around the home?  Since I didn't get a good look at the slab last night, could you comment on it compared to the figure on the bottom right-hand corner of the attached website which shows the correct slab configuration to meet MN building codes?
I understand that these figures are only code for detached garages but it will give me some idea of the slab thickness and height above grade.

Thanks again
Jamu A.

I just read your inspection report and I was very impressed with the thoroughness of it. I also found all of the pictures very helpful. I will be sure and refer my friends in the future. Thanks again.

Nate K.

Thank you Tim.  We were very impressed with the thoroughness of you inspection and the readability of the report. Thanks again!  We'll definitely recommend you to our friends.

Stephanie Tulgren

Hello Tim, Thank you! You did an outstanding job in capturing the issues and remedies related to your inspection of the Falcon Avenue property in Apple Valley. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference in the future.

Rick & Rita Huber

Hello Tim,
Thank you for your prompt turnaround in sending us the Radon test results. Once again, thank you very much for the excellent job in conducting and documenting the home inspection and radon test for us.

Rick & Rita Huber

Tim, Thank you for a very thorough and detailed report.  We really appreciate the quality of your inspection and very fast turnaround time with the report.  We know many young couples that will be getting into the market in the near future and we will be sure to recommend your services. Thanks again,

Joe Kelm






Tim - Thank you again for your thorough inspection of the house. We are impressed with your professionalism, ability to communicate and attention to detail. We appreciate your patience and knowledge in addressing questions. Your report shows a useful summary while also providing specific follow-up areas. This reference will help to guide us in next steps in the process.

If you ever need a reference, please let us know since you have been a great resource for us.Thanks again,

Brad & Christina


Dear Tim,


 Thank you again for the excellent review and explanations at the new home location.

We appreciate your home knowledge, suggestions  and overall thoroughness.

We highly recommend your services.

John and Tammi V.


Hi Tim. Thanks for the update. I talked with Peter this morning. He got your report and we're moving forward.

When I recommended you to Peter, I told him that you've always done a superb job and that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

When I spoke with Peter this morning, I asked him how things went, and he told ME...that he would recommend you to absolutely anyone. He said "He was thorough, professional, offered helpful suggestions, noticed things I never would have even thought to look at". I want you to know how much that means to me. As a professional, I am offering my neck and my reputation, every time I recommend someone. I just really, REALLY appreciate being able to give your name to my clients with absolutely no hesitation. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and for taking such great care of my clients. You're the best! Have a great day, Tim!

~Lana B.


Tim, my realtor presented the list of repairs that I wanted done to the sellers tonight ... including doing the two inspections of the furnace and floor drain, adding a window well, chimney repair, gas line, etc. And we included giving them the full inspection report so they could see the photos. They agreed to do EVERYTHING!!!!!!  They may be calling you for a few more pointers on the window well ...

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!



Dear Tim - A note to thank you for two things: first, your thorough and friendly inspection. My husband and I were very pleased with the job you did. You took the time to explain what you saw and answer our questions in full, which we greatly appreciate.  We felt your inspection was top-notch and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family, and coworkers.  Second, thank you for providing your inspection report via e-mail and the web, as well as a mailed hard copy!  In this day and age it's important to have such fast access to the full report.  We were impressed that you were able to provide the report so quickly and by such varied means.  We are thrilled with our new home-to-be, and a big part of that is the peace of mind that comes with a good, thorough inspection!

Thanks again - Sean and Jennifer N., Plymouth, MN 

Hello Minneapolis / Saint Paul Zip Agents!

I am forwarding to you "Inspection News" from Tim Walz at Suburban Home Inspections.   Tim publishes this email newsletter on a regular basis, and it is a good resource for you.  You can subscribe to it if you wish...just send Tim an email.

Tim Walz and Suburban Home Inspections is a preferred 3rd party vendor...along with Accucheck and Certified Moisture Testing.  I have used Tim Extensively in the past.   He has an excellent "Bedside Manner", speaking the full truth without making it seem insurmountable.  

Tim is truly one of the best inspectors I have ever used...and I have used some good ones.      Chuck

Hi Tim.  Thanks so much for everything.  I super appreciate your good humor throughout as well as your willingness to answer my questions.  Let me know if you'd like a letter of recommendation or if you'd like me to be a reference.  All best, Mary


Tim - Thanks for your work on this inspection.  I thought you did a great job.  You made this transaction alot smoother & easier for me. - Teresa D.

Hi Tim-

I just wanted to say thanks for your great job with my clients. Chris was completely impressed with what he learned and how you explained it in terms he easily understood.  =)

Hope all is well with you and that baby of yours too.

Katie S.

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