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The quality of your inspection report matters!

Our inspection reports differentiate us from our competition - and that's to your benefit.

Luxury Modular Homes_edited.jpg

Once your inspection is over, you're left with only the report, so it must be detailed - but must also be easy to understand.  Homebuyers generally don't know what style of report they will receive when they hire an inspection company - and unfortunately, most inspection reports are difficult to understand - and only contain abbreviated comments.

The report is the tool you'll use to negotiate with the seller.  This means that proper / concise descriptions of issues is essential so that you can clearly communicate your requests.  Pictures help tremendously with this, so a report with many photos is a must.

Sample pages from inspection reports

Report writing software does not automatically come with great report content.  This depends on the actual inspector writing the report.  We write clear / concise reports - and we use layman's terms so that anyone can understand them.


We don't mind receiving follow-up questions after our inspections, but we write out reports with the intent that you should not need to call for clarification on anything.

Our reports do take longer to generate, but they are still delivered in a timely manner (by the following day).  The payoff for us has been happy clients - and 24 years of ongoing referrals.

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