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Thermal Scanning

Thermal scanning literally changed the way that homes can be inspected.  The images below show just some of the many hidden issues we can find while using a thermal imaging camera with your inspection.  We've used this technology since 2004 - and we include this service with every inspection, free-of-charge!  We do this because we know how essential this tool can be.

Luxury Modular Homes_edited.jpg

Hidden wetness on ceiling

This second floor bedroom ceiling looked normal to the naked eye - and there was no reason to suspect a problem.  The entire home had been recently renovated - and the roof was recently installed.


Infrared revealed dark areas on the ceiling, which were confirmed to be wet.  No obvious evidence of this leakage was visible from the attic, but this clearly indicates that leakage through the roof was occurring.


Hidden rodent activity

This home had no visual evidence of rodent activity - until the walls were viewed with infrared.


The dark areas shown in the infrared image are tunnels in the insulation, which were made by mice.  More tunnels were found at other areas of the basement - and entrance points were located in the garage.  This suggested that the problem was active - and in need of further evaluation by a pest control specialist.


Locate radiant floor heat

Radiant electric, or hot water floor heat can be visually inspected when using infrared.


Infrared shows exactly where the heating coils are located.  This allows us to verify that all portions are working properly - and determine whether any portions were improperly located (i.e. below cabinets / toilets / etc.).

Sample infrared findings
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