Sewer Pipe Inspections

Main Sewer Pipe Inspections: When buying a used house, it is wise to have a sewer inspection completed at the same time as the home inspection.  Homeowners own the length of drainpipe that extends from the house to the city main (below soil – usually in the front yard).

Main sewer pipes at many older homes are made of clay or cast iron.  Over time, joints can separate, cracks can form and tree roots can find their way into the pipe – causing clogs or backups.

While problems are more common in older drain pipes, they can also occur in modern, PVC / plastic pipes.  Unfortunately, this occurs more commonly than most people think.  Click below to watch a short video – showing samples of problems with modern PVC pipes.

While our inspections may identify symptoms of clogged drain pipes, only a camera inspection can identify the actual condition of the pipe.  Since sewer pipe repair / replacement can cost thousands of dollars, we highly suggest that you hire a specialist to evaluate the sewer pipe interior (particularly if your home was built before 1980).

We do not perform this service, but the company we have referred for many years is
Ron the Sewer Rat 612-724-8253.  We recommended this company for many reasons, but primarily because they do not make repairs to drainpipes.  That means they will not try to sell you unnecessary repairs.  Most camera inspections require 30 minutes to perform and tend to cost $150 - $200.

Note: We are unable to schedule this service for you.  If you are interested, you will need to contact Ron the Sewer Rat yourself, or you can ask your agent to do this for you.  It is ideal to have this inspection take place at the same time as the home inspection.

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