Pre-Listing Walkthrough
- for sellers


You work hard to attract buyers to your home, so don’t let an inspection surprise ruin your deal in the final hour.  Buyers hate it when problems are found during their inspections – and you do too.

What if these surprises were known in advance?  Few sellers pay to have their home inspected prior to listing.  The cost is a deterrent and a complete inspection simply provides more information than most sellers need.

Now there’s a more affordable and practical option – The Pre-Listing Walkthrough

“We hired Tim to walk-through our home before listing it on the market.  We used his advice to make several easy improvements, and made some needed repairs which we were unaware of.  We felt stress-free when the buyers’ inspection occurred.”


Pre-sale walkthroughs are abbreviated inspections.  The sellers follow their inspector while the inspector points out items that would be mentioned during a traditional buyer’s inspection.  Tips on how to make the home appear better maintained are also provided.

ü  Will water collect against the home?  This increases the chance for leakage.  Has leakage occurred recently?

ü  Was the deck built by a contractor?  If not, are there any obvious hazards?  Has water leaked through the house connection?

ü  Was the siding properly installed?

ü  How much longer will the roof last?  Any obvious damage?

ü  Does your furnace appear well maintained?  Are there any obvious problems?

ü  Are there any obvious electrical hazards?

ü  Any evidence of leaks in the home?

A typical walk-through will last 2 hours.  The cost is less than a standard inspection; $200 on average.

There is no report – sellers must take their own notes and photos during the walk-through, but they are also free to contact the inspector in the future with any questions.

Why no report? – Through years of feedback, we have concluded that not all sellers want to know every detail about their home.  The primary reason is that sellers then feel obligated to disclose this information. 

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