Investor Inspections

Many investors have learned over the years what to look for in an investment purchase.  These buyers tend to have a plan for what items they want to fix or replace after purchasing the home, but they often still want the added assurance that a professional inspection provides.

If you are an investment buyer and do not need all of the detail that comes with a standard home inspection, there is now an alternative for you.

The "Investor Inspection" is an abbreviated inspection that focuses on major items only. You still get a written report, but it is shorter and also costs less. A typical investor inspection will focus on:

    - safety hazards
    - structural concerns
    - water leaks and other obvious plumbing issues
    - water intrusion concerns (i.e. leakage into the wall cavities or basement).
    - overall roof condition
    - overall attic condition (i.e. will the roof be ice dam prone?)
    - overall condition of electrical supply and workmanship (outlets are not tested)
    - overall condition of heating and a/c

Since there is less report writing involved, we can offer this service for a reduced expense. The actual fee depends on the size of the home, the location and to some extent - the condition.  An average investor inspection fee is $315.

Don't need the report?

Some investors may feel comfortable taking their own notes while walking through the home with their inspector. These inspections will cover the same content that a regular investor inspection covers. The only difference is that there is no report provided by the inspector. Of course, the fee is also less. Generally, the fee will be in the $225 range.