The Inspection Report


When choosing an inspection company, one of the most important factors in making your decision should be the type of report that you receive. After all, once your inspection is over, you are left with only the report, so it must be detailed - but must also be easy to understand.  Unfortunately, few clients know what they will receive until it's too late.

The inspection report is the tool that you will use to negotiate with the seller.  This means that proper descriptions of problems are needed, so that you can clearly communicate your requests.  Pictures help tremendously for this, so a report with many photos is a must.

When I started this company, I recognized very early that most inspectors lack good report writing / communication skills.  This left their clients wondering how to translate the abbreviated reports they received (often times, checklist style reports are used, which is completely unacceptable).

At Suburban Home Inspections, we don't mind receiving follow-up questions after our inspections, but we write out reports with the intent that you should not need to call for clarification on anything.

Our reports do take longer to generate, but they are still delivered in a timely manner (by the following day).  The payoff for us has been happy clients - and 20 years of ongoing referrals.

Click any of the images below to view a complete sample report.