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What you get with our standard buyers inspection:

* 2 1/2 to 3 hour inspection of your home
* Infrared scanning of high areas of concern (i.e. finished ceilings below bathtubs)

* A personal 1 hour on-site walkthrough / review of the inspection findings with the inspector
* A very detailed report, loaded with digital images, e-mailed directly to you
* Free responses to your follow-up questions via e-mail or phone

Your inspection will inform you of the following:

* What items are in need of repair, and what items - if any - are in need of immediate attention
* Approximately how much longer you can expect major items to last
* How to maintain your home

How it works:
(times are approximations)

AM Appointment: Inspection starts at 9:00 AM
Buyer arrives at 11:30 for the walk-through / review
Inspection completed by 12:30 PM

PM Appointment: Inspection starts at 2:00 PM
Buyer arrives at 4:30 PM for the walk-through / review
Inspection completed by 5:30 PM

During the "walk-through" of the property, your inspector will discuss the issues that were found during the inspection. He will also provide maintenance recommendations and answer any additional questions you may have. If necessary, he can help direct you to appropriate specialists for further evaluation and / or repair.

Clients are always welcome to arrive earlier than the designated walk-through time (some clients prefer to use this time for measurements, photos, etc).  However, this is not an appropriate time to bring a large group to view the home.  If possible, it is also best to arrange for a babysitter for this time, if applicable.

If you arrive prior to the walk-through time, please avoid turning items on or off (i.e. appliances / ventilation fans).  Your inspector will have multiple things going on at the same time and will need your cooperation.

The report is e-mailed to you by the following day.  Since the report is your property, it is sent only to you (and your agent, if desired). We do not share the information with any other individuals (including the seller).

What happens after the inspection?:

Once you have had time to review the report, you will talk with your agent and determine what, if any items you will request the sellers to repair prior to closing. There are no rules for this, but your inspector and your agent can help instruct you with what type of issues are most commonly requested.

Generally, the most common types of items that buyers ask sellers to address are:

Safety concerns - of any kind
This includes items such as: a leak at a gas valve, repairs to amateur electrical wiring, repairs to a rotting deck connection, or a request for a safety check of a furnace.

Structural issues
This includes items such as rotted support posts, or bowing foundation walls.

Plumbing leaks
We tend to find leaks at almost every home and anything water related is generally a requested fix.

Ultimately it will depend on what is most concerning to you. Some buyers may prefer to request a reduction in the purchase price, or ask for cash at closing to compensate for unexpected repairs.

In some cases, buyers simply determine that there is just too much work needed and will terminate the purchase agreement.

However, usually an agreement is made between the two parties through negotiations and the deal moves forward.

Either way, you can sleep well at night – knowing that your home has been thoroughly inspected by a qualified professional. 

How to order your inspection:

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How much does it cost?

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Why choose us?

We're More Thorough: Some inspectors prefer to have their clients follow them for the entire duration of the inspection and while this does speed up the process, the reality is it is much more likely for things to be overlooked when using this approach. We have found that a designated walkthrough / review period results in a more thorough inspection and ultimately, a much better product for our clients.

Our Reports are Better: Once your inspection is over, the report is all that you take with you, so detail and clarity are essential.  Some inspectors provide abbreviated reports, because they are quick and easy to generate.  Of course, that is of no advantage to you.  At Suburban Home Inspections, we spend more time on our reports, but still manage to have them e-mailed in a timely manner.  And each report is loaded with images that will help you explain the results to third parties, if necessary.

To view a variety of sample inspection reports click here

Our Service Continues After the Inspection: As mentioned above, when you hire us for a home inspection, the advice does not stop with your inspection report.  You have the option to receive monthly maintenance reminders, which are sent in a blog format.  For example, when freezing weather starts to arrive, you'll be reminded to drain / winterize your exterior spigots.  That has already saved some of my clients from big, very costly headaches.  But that is just one of the many reminders you'll receive.